- It's a pretty cool job -


I’m Allie and I’m a visual researcher and layout artist. I work with creative commercial directors to convey their vision to advertising agencies through fantastic visuals and clear, modern layouts.


I have several years of experience in the commercial industry, both in production and treatments. It’s a beautiful balance. My past work as a staff production coordinator grounds me and keeps me realistic, and my experience working with directors encourages the out of the box thinking that makes for great work.


This process is all about the director and their producer. If your director wants to guide my every move – I love that. This is their work, after all! If they don’t want to be involved at all, that’s cool too. We can still create a beautiful presentation that embodies their voice.


My goal is to make every treatment something special. We need to tell the story before we can shoot the story, and stunning visuals and a clear, appealing layout are the best ways to do that.


I design treatments.


- In case you're wondering -

Treatments are basically glorified mood boards – a proposal in which a director goes into detail about why he or she (or they) will direct this commercial better than any other director. And because we are creating commercials - little spurts of film in which the copy and visuals must come together to tell a compelling story in only 30 seconds – the copy and visuals in a treatment must also be compelling. That’s where I come in.

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